Lily 2013



“Lily” – short, light, responsive, simple and most of all beautiful. Anymore words needed? Designing this board, we incorporated the best of local woods using a double ash core for the first time. The board provides for soft flex behavior, a wide standing surface for your front foot and a continuous light concave line. 3D wheel wells clear wheels up to 72mm in diameter on a 180mm hanger truck.

Coming from a region in Germany that is close to the French boarder we fell like having designed a truly local product from local woods with a touch of French influence in its picturesque laser cut “lily” graphic. The “Lily” Edition is limited to 100 pieces and in line with our philosophy the graphics are made from different kinds of veneer.

A special feature to this board is that the lily comes in diverse colors of poplar veneer. I guess that means we added even more uniqueness to this edition.

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