We love longboarding and want to keep it pure and natural. Declining to cover up beautiful veneers, we chose wooden intarsia to be the key to our graphic design. The majority of our veneers are selected by FSC Standart assuring environmental consciousness. Using high quality hardwoods we build boards you will love to ride.

Have a look at our products and keep in mind we also build individually designed custom longboards – unique and just for you!

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  With “tiny” we are introducing bareknuckle longboards’ first mincruiser built from solid ash sheets. A short wheelbase, soft camber and concave combined with a sweet single kick, makes this board a perfect choice for … Read more


lombard v5

  Next generation Lombard v5 is on! More tail/nose, more continuous concave and 100mm more board length! We believe this board will ensure that any trick is possible. All you need to do is to … Read more

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Pantam follows Pan Am – literally! We reduced the wheelbase, added small kicks and flattened concave and camber….et voilà, here goes the pantam. You will surely like it’s vivid turning behaviour, just as much as … Read more



      “Lily” – short, light, responsive, simple and most of all beautiful. Anymore words needed? Designing this board, we incorporated the best of local woods using a double ash core for the first … Read more